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Enter the Mesmerizing World of Rainbow Coloured Maps with “Crayon the Grids”

New York City. Image Courtesy of Stephen Von Worley

New York City. Image Courtesy of Stephen Von Worley

A new series of maps by California-based artist-scientist Stephen Von Worley give colour coding an entirely new meaning. With his latest algorithm-generated project, “Crayon the Grids,” Von Worley has taken maps of ten major metropolitan areas and coloured them based on geographical orientation of the urban grid. Each street is assigned a colour specific to its orientation, varying in hue and weight depending on its cardinal direction and length. The result is a dizzying technicolor of urban planning, creating completely new demarcations for some of the world’s most recognizable cities.

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Image Courtesy of: Stephen Von Worley

Article Written by: Finn MacLeod

Source: ArchDaily

Seven Digital Experiences by Teamlab Surround Viewers At Pace Gallery

image courtesy of pace gallery

image courtesy of pace gallery


For their first-ever exhibition in the United States, Tokyo-based Teamlab presents ‘Ultra Subjective Space‘, a display of 7 immersive digital works at Page Gallery, New York. As a fusion of technology and art, the experiential atmosphere surrounds visitors on large-scale screens, projecting looped videos which investigate perspective, time and the distortion of space.

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Written by: Nina Azzarello

Image Courtesy of: Pace Gallery

Source: Designboom

Zaha Hadid’s New National Stadium of Japan Venue for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

With the announcement of tokyo winning the bid to host the 2020 olympic and paralympic games, comes the confirmation that zaha hadid architects ‘new national stadium of japan’ will act as a major venue for athletic events, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.

‘Our many congratulations to the tokyo 2020 team, the japan sport council, everyone in tokyo and all across japan. the public’s support has been remarkable and we are very proud to be part of the tokyo 2020 olympic and paralympic games. we have put together an excellent team to deliver a magnificent venue on schedule for the 2019 rugby world cup and tokyo olympic games the following year.’ – zaha hadid

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Written By: Andrea Chin

Source: Designboom

Odaiba Water Illumination Show in Japan is a Stunning Spectacle of Marine Life.

Against a backdrop of the Rainbow Bridge and the city’s skyline, the Odaiba water illumination show in Japan is a stunning spectacle of marine life.
Fountains set along a beach at the Tokyo Bay area create a screen of water to project pictures of an ocean adventure. The show is performed four times after sunset in the Japanese capital.

Odaiba is an artificial island that was originally there to defend Tokyo from attacks.

Among the many images screened are frolicking dolphins, tropical fish, a whale and narwhals against a colourful array of lights.

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Source: Daily Mail