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The World’s Largest Outdoor Art Gallery


Vivid Sydney

Lighting up the buildings and spaces of Sydney, Australia, is Vivid Sydney, the annual light art event. The 18 day festival, turns Sydney into a wonderland of light art sculptures, and is the world’s largest outdoor art gallery.

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Image courtesy of : Vivid Sydney

Source : Contemporist

CTBUH Names One Central Park “Best Tall Building Worldwide” for 2014

One Central Park. Design architect: Ateliers Jean Nouvel. Collaborating architect: PTW Architects. Image © Murray Fredericks

One Central Park. Design architect: Ateliers Jean Nouvel. Collaborating architect: PTW Architects. Image © Murray Fredericks

This year’s title of “Best Tall Building Worldwide” has been awarded to One Central Park, in Sydney, Australia. The award, presented by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), was chosen after a year long selection process across 88 entries in four regions. Senior representatives of each of these four winners presented at the CTBUH Awards Symposium on November 6th at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, and the winner was announced at the Awards Dinner following the Symposium.

One Central Park by Ateliers Jean Nouvel, utilizes sustainable technology in unusual ways for a tall building. Its design is particularly unique among buildings in its category for the ways in which it makes sustainable technology immediately visible and identifiable. “If we do all these sustainable things and no one can see them, do they really exist? The choices we make for a sustainable future cannot be made in the future. They must be made today,” said Bertram Beissel, Partner, Ateliers Jean Nouvel during the winning project presentation.

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Image Courtesy of: Murray Fredericks

Article Written by: Evan Rawn

Source: ArchDaily

Five Buildings Compete to be Named “World’s Best Highrise”

Bosco Verticale, Milan / Boeri Studio. Image © Kirsten Bucher

Bosco Verticale, Milan / Boeri Studio. Image © Kirsten Bucher

Rem Koolhaas, Steven Holl, Jean Nouvel and Stefano Boeri are the masters behind five skyscrapers competing to be crowned the “World’s best.” Chosen as finalists for the 2014 International Highrise Award (IHA), the four practices are in the running for a prestigious title and €50,000 prize.

Award organizers from the City of Frankfurt/Main, Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) and DekaBank at Frankfurt’s Paulskirche will announce a winner in mid-November. The chosen skyscraper will be selected by an esteemed, multidisciplinary jury based on the criteria ranging from future-oriented design and innovative building technology, to the building’s integrative urban development scheme and cost-effectiveness.

“Good architecture requires a willingness to take risks and a desire to try things out. All the finalists took this approach – there can be no innovation without experimentation. Our shortlist comprises three different prototypes of the future,” commented Jury Chairman Christoph Ingenhoven.

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Written by: Karissa Rosenfield

Image Courtesy of: Brett Boardman

Source: ArchDaily

Trifolium by AR-MA

Trifolium, Paddington Australia - Image by Brett Boardman

Trifolium, Paddington Australia – Image by Brett Boardman


Fugitive Structures in an architectural design competition commissioned by SCAF (Sherman Contemporary Arts Foundation) in Sydney, Australia. It is an invited competition, run annually over four years that seeks to showcase emerging architects from Australia, the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. The brief was to explore the potential of digital pre-fabrication. In 2014, AR-MA were successful in securing the commission.

AR-MA’s design, “Trifolium”, is a fluid, continuous, event-space composed of self-supporting Corian with an interior of curved, black, mirror-polished stainless steel panels. Fabricated like a jewellery box, with over three-thousand unique parts, it is designed to less than 1mm of tolerance.

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Written by: AR-MA

Image Courtesy of: Brett Boardman

Source: ArchDaily

Woven Sky: A Bamboo Tunnel Installation Woven Together Like a Basket by Wang Wen-Chih

Woven Sky by Wang Wen-Chih

Woven Sky by Wang Wen-Chih


Using 600 poles of bamboo and 70 radiata pine logs all harvested locally, Taiwanese Artist Wang Wen-Chih created a massive installation that served as the entrance to the Woodford Folk Festival in Australia. Working with the Sydney-based architecture and design collective Cave Urban, a team of 40 workers and volunteers spent 3 weeks building the structure. Each bamboo pole was split into 4-5 pieces and weaved together like a basket. Woven Sky, which rises 15m high and is 100m long, was completed late last year, just in time for the music festival, and served an impressive entrance point into the amphitheater stage.

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Written By: Johnny Strategy

Image Courtesy of: Cave Urban

Source: Colossal

10 Things You Have To See At Vivid Sydney Before It Finishes On Monday

Vivid Sydney from 2100 feet by James Morgan

Vivid Sydney from 2100 feet (Image courtesy of James Morgan)


The free Vivid Sydney light festival, which has made Sydney’s CBD astonishing beautiful over the last fortnight, ends next Monday, June 9.

There are six key sites to visit around the harbour foreshore, with lights on between 6pm and midnight every evening. Don’t forget the North Sydney side, along with Darling Harbour, Walsh Bay and Martin Place and 50 installations to see, along with the impressive building projections, including the Sydney Opera House.

You could spend all night travelling around the city, or break it into a couple of evenings, but it is easier after about 9:30pm, when the families start to go home. And Walsh Bay seems to be less populated than around Circular Quay.

But if you have limited time, here are BI’s top 10 picks. If there’s a theme that runs across many of the works chosen, it’s that they’re interactive with the audience, adding to the delight and pleasure.  


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Written By: Simon Thomsen

Source: Business Insider

Starry Night by Brad Miller (Image courtesy of Simon Thomsen)

Starry Night by Brad Miller (Image courtesy of Simon Thomsen)

Downtown Sydney Transformed by Light





Starting tonight through June 9th, the city of Sydney is hosting an annual exhibition of light and music called Vivid Sydney. Dozens of light sculptures and projections will be viewable throughout the downtown area as well as in the Sydney Harbor in an event that is completely free to the public.

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Image courtesy of: Christopher Jobson

Written By: Christopher Jobson

Source: Colossal

Spectacular scenes at Sydney festival

When winter hits, Sydney becomes something of a ghost town as its 4 million or so residents retreat indoors to acclimatize to the cold.

Yet for the past five years, they’ve been beckoned outside by Vivid Sydney, an 18-day festival of light, music and ideas that takes over after dark May 24 to June 10.

At the core of the carbon-neutral festival is Vivid Light. From 6 p.m. every evening, local and visiting artists use light installations and 3-D projectors to transform the 1,056,000 tiles of the Sydney Opera House, the Museum of Contemporary Art and other category-killing buildings into giant canvases of color and light.

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Written by: Ian Lloyd Neubauer

Source: CNN