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Designers Turn Shipping Container Into A Human-Scale Kaleidoscope

image courtesy of masakazu shirane + saya miyazaki

image courtesy of masakazu shirane + saya miyazaki


Japanese designers Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki immerse visitors to ‘Wink’ in a human-scale kaleidoscope, reflecting them within a maze of geometrically shaped mirrors. Set inside the confines of a 40-foot-long industrial shipping container, the installation unties both architecture and art, and intends to shift traditional structural concepts and ideas about the two disciplines. Not only an experiential creation, ‘Wink’ is also an example of ‘Zipper Architecture’: all of the interior panels are connected by detachable cords, and each singular unit can be opened and closed like a window. ‘this idea could solve global environmental problems’ the designers describe ‘because it is easy to exchange only a part with a zipper.’.

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Written by: Nina Azzarello

Image Courtesy of: Masakazu Shirane + Saya Miyazaki

Source: Designboom