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1 World Trade Center Is Open for Business

© Joe Mabel via Wikipedia

© Joe Mabel via Wikipedia

More than 13 years after a terrorist attack destroyed the twin towers — soaring symbols of New York City’s might, financially and structurally — the first employees of the first tenant in the building erected to take their place arrived on Monday for their first workday.

At 1,776 feet in height, the building is steps from where the north tower stood until Sept. 11, 2001. But where that sunny morning held a still-summery promise until the first jetliner lacerated 1 World Trade Center and smoke filled the jewel-blue sky, Monday was chilly and windy as employees of the magazine publisher Condé Nast arrived.

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Image Courtesy of: Joe Mabel via Wikipediay

Article Written by: James Barron

Source: NY Times