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Here Are The 12 Cities That Will Shake Up The Art World In The 21st Century

Someone Left a Horse on the Shore by Gigi Scaria

Someone Left a Horse on the Shore by Gigi Scaria


Cities like New York and Paris have long captured the art world’s attention, wooing artists, collectors, critics and curators who have hurried to call the hubs home. Other storied art havens include Los Angeles, Berlin and Hong Kong, amongst others — locales that have managed to snare auction houses or gallery giants, rounding out an entirely too sparse a map of art destinations.

A new book, however, is attempting to challenge this perception of the exclusive art world. Titled “Art Cities of the Future,” the publication introduces us to places like Singapore or Lagos, Nigeria, art communities that are poised to shake things up in the 21st century.

Compiled by a group of curators, the 336-page book surveys 12 global cities to watch out for, chosen for their impact on contemporary art, history of artistic importance, and overall cultural climate. Some choices are surprising (Cluj, Romania, anyone?), while others have been on the verge of becoming major players for some time (ahem, Istanbul).

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Written by: Katherine Brooks

Source: Huffington Post

Architectural Columns Constructed from Suspended Charcoal by Seon Ghi Bahk

Columns from 'An Aggregation' series by Seon Ghi Bahk

Columns from ‘An Aggregation’ series by Seon Ghi Bahk

Currently on view at Zadok Gallery in Miami, Fiction of the Fabricated Image is the latest body of work from Seoul-based artist Seon Ghi Bahk. Of particular note is this impressive series of architectural columns constructed from pieces of natural charcoal suspended on nylon threads. The work is part of the artist’s An Aggregation series that explores the complex relationship between nature and humanity, where Bahk suggests “nature” can be incorrectly viewed as simply a backdrop or tool used in the creation of civilization. You can see more over on Zadok Gallery where the installation will be up through August 25, 2014.

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Written By: Christopher Jobson

Source: Colossal

Next Leap in Mobility

AUDI urban future award 2014 science slam

AUDI urban future award 2014 science slam

‘The Next Leap in Mobility’ is the motto of the 2014 AUDI urban future award. This year, the initiative invited four international multidisciplinary teams composed of ethnographers, IT specialists, product designers, urban planners, natural scientists, sociologists, etc. – from Berlin, Boston, Mexico City and Seoul –to research and develop schemes responding to problems related to transportation in cities. The four proposals were first presented in Berlin in April. Though distinct in their own rights, reacting to four diverse parts of the world, they all express one underlying commonality: to improve mobility in large, densely developed areas and enhance residents’ quality of life.

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Image courtesy of AUDI urban future award

Written By: Andrea Chin

Source: Designboom

Interactive Kinetic Sculpture

What looks like a clip from the famed star wars series — where a jedi’s force powers send objects soaring through space — is the interactive kinetic sculpture by seoul-based artist teo park. controlled by hand and activated by the audience, ‘may the force be with you’ changes the direction in gravitational pull of a half-filled tank of water, swaying it hypnotically back and forth with just the flick of a wrist. the movement is determined by a signal sent from kinect, a motion sensing input device. the data received by the motor and link arm translate the indicator to mechanical movements, which in turn command the specific angle and route of the water volume in real time. ‘it is hard to comprehend how powerful our actions can be.’ explains park, referencing his emotions after being discriminated against ‘we need to realize that an action has the power to be delivered and have psychological impacts, as well as physical impacts. this is the message I wanted to deliver to the audience through this project using one of the most familiar force, gravity.’

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Written By: Nina Azzarello

Source: Designboom

Dongdaemun Design Park & Plaza by Zaha Hadid in Seoul Opens

Seoul’s ‘dongdaemun design park & plaza‘ (DDP) opens its doors to the public march 21st, 2014, seven years after zaha hadid floated initial plans for the project. the scheme, developed by the seoul metropolitan government, introduces the latest and most innovative design trends, establishing a lively cultural hub of public congregation that promotes fluid thinking across creative disciplines. comprising five zones – an art hall, museum, design lab, design market and dongdaemun history and culture park – the scheme caters to the city’s population, but also reaches out to the global community. hosting a variety of high-profile events and programs including international conferences, festivals, presentations of new products, fashion shows, as well as offering venues for business, shopping and relaxation, 60 unique hotspots are situated throughout the ‘dongdaemun design park & plaza’ which each feature a story of creativity based on the life cycle of the dongdaemun area, which stays awake 24 hours a day, reminding visitors of the site’s rich history.

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Written By: Phillip Stevens

Source: Designboom

Abhay Wadhwa Presented on The Impact of Culture and Climate on Light in Seoul, Korea

On Thursday May 30, Abhay Wadhwa presented a lecture on The Impact of Culture and Climate on Light at the pre-opening salon seminar for the Social Place Novo Exhibit. The Exhibit and lecture was hosted by Novo Architecture.

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