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This Sculpture In Chicago Is Made From Over 3000 Hand Blown Glass Orbs


Made From Over 3000 Hand Blown Glass Orbs.


Deriving its name from the Latin Lucere, meaning ‘to shine’.

Artist Wolfgang Buttress, has completed Lucent, a new sculpture created as part of the lobby refurbishment of the iconic John Hancock Center in Chicago. Lucent is a 4 meter-diameter hemisphere perforated with 3,115 holes representing stars visible with the naked eye from Earth’s Northern hemisphere. Fiber-optic cables emerge from each point, emitting a glowing ambient light.

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Article Written by : From Contemporist

Image courtesy of : Mark Hadden Photography

Source : Contemporist

Undulating “Light Bridge” Over Amsterdam’s Canals

tjep. illuminates amsterdam’s canals with undulating light bridge

Tjep. illuminates amsterdam’s canals with undulating light bridge

This winter, from now until January 18th, 2015, the capital of the Netherlands will light up once again up for the third annual Amsterdam light festival, when the historical center becomes a dynamic showcase of light and movement. For the occasion, dutch studio Tjep. has created a luminous, undulating installation along the Amstel in the center of the city. ‘Light Bridge’ draws reference from the classic arches of a typical Amsterdam canal bridge, and evolves the lines and and curves into a free-flowing sculpture that both reflects the movement of boats on water and from the street above.

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Article Written by: Nina Azzarello

Photo courtesy of: Tjep

Source: Designboom