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Abhay Wadhwa to Speak at PLDC 2015 on “Lighting’s Impact on the Varying Scales of the Built Environment”

Abhay Wadhwa to Speak at PLDC 2015

Location: Rome Italy at PLDC 2015
When:     30 October 2015

AWA Lighting Designers’ Design Principal, Abhay Wadhwa, will speak at this month’s Professional Lighting Designers Conference (PLDC) in Rome. The topic of his presentation is the “Lighting’s Impact on the Varying Scales of the Built Environment.” This is a Lighting Application case study of the Brigade Gateway Complex, an AWA project in Bangalore India.

The Brigade Gateway Complex is a 44 acre mixed use township with diverse programmatic requirements which was constructed over a period of six years. When AWA was retained at the beginning of the process to provide lighting design services, AWA had to develop a set of operating “stitch” rules, so that the “embroidery” created was a cohesive and connected design. The rules of the “scale of the stitch” were to extend from the wavelength of the light used, to the lighting detail for a congregation space, to the 128m tall facade of the WTC.

Due to the vast scale of the Brigade Gateway Complex, AWA approached the project with the intent of developing a standardized set of design tools. Using a parametric design approach, AWA created a lighting master plan that unifies all of the intricate elements in this fabric.

This presentation will highlight the design solutions and challenges that AWA addressed in getting this project built over six years, coordinating between five different architecture and design films located in three countries.


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View from top of WTC

View from top of WTC