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The world’s smallest projection mapping on a Grain of Rice

Projection-Mapped Grain of Rice a (Tiny) Feast for the Senses

Projection-mapped a single grain of rice


A tiny light play 5 mm high

At this year’s Salone del Milano, creative studio Drill Tokyo projection-mapped a single grain of rice. According to the creators, it’s the “the world’s smallest projection mapping” achievement to-date, a tiny light play 5 mm high, infinitesimally in diameter, and ghostly white in hue. A single grain is housed in a cubic chamber, where it hovers on thin threads in front of the narrow beam. As viewers peer through a magnified glass and into the box’s peephole, “the texture of the ‘rice’ begins to change so that it is no longer just rice,” Drill Tokyo explains. Through “textures” of spinning florals, chaotic scribbles, teeny tiny explosions, the team engrains the aesthetic essence of Japan onto the face of the culture’s most symbolic crop.

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Article Written by : Sami Emory

GIF & Image courtesy of : Sami Emory

Source : thecreatorsproject

Artist Uses Gehry’s Concert Hall as Canvas in LA Philharmonic Concert Series

Refik Anadol

The first week of December marked the beginning of the LA Philharmonic’s in/SIGHT concert series. The multimedia series will incorporate video images playing in sync with the performance, creating an immersive new way to experience the music for concert-goers. The first of these performances was the collaborative work of conductor Esa-pekka Salonen and artist Refik Anadol in an audio-visual rendition of Edgard Varèse’s Amériques. Using audio analysis and Kinect motion capture software to record Salonen’s movements while conducting, Anadol has created a stunning set of moving images that capture the very spirit of Varèse’s work. Learn more about this fascinating project, after the break.

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Image provided by: Refik Anadol

Article Written by: Connor Walker

Source: ArchDaily

Visions of America: Amériques / LA Phil / Video Artist Cut from Refik Anadol on Vimeo.

Luminous Multimedia Experience for Oakley

Montreal-based studio moment factory has realized an immersive multimedia environment for the reveal of oakley‘s disruptive by design campaign. the interactive experience celebrates the brand’s history, design and innovations, visually transforming these values into a maze of vibrant color, beaming light and glowing projections cast along the walls of studio RED in los angeles. at the centerpiece of the installation, a vast room featuring 270-degree projection screens spotlight the cocktail reception area and later in the evening, a speech by oakley CEO colin baden. other participatory and hypnotic rooms allowed guests to reveal the content of wall and floor projections using infrared pointers, which also triggered real-time audio and video effects. equipped with the ability to directly interact with the engaging and dynamic space, visitors embarked on an exploratory experience in which they discovered the brand in a completely novel way.

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Written By: Nina Azzarello

Source: Designboom