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Milan Expo 2015: b720 Designs Greenhouse-Inspired Pavilion for Spain


Greenhouse-Inspired Pavilion for Spain

Barcelona’s b720 arquitectos has designed a greenhouse-inspired pavilion to represent Spain at the 2015 Milan Expo. Representing a “fusion” of Spain’s gastronomic tradition and innovation, the portico-like structure will be divided into two halves and united by a repetitious form. The Spanish gastronomy reputation, based on the balanced combination of tradition and innovation, makes it a global reference on international markets. This fact has a relevant role on the generation of the pavilion, creating two separated areas – and applying different tectonics to them according to this duality described the architects.

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Article Written by : Rosenfield Karissa

Photo by : © b720 Arquitectos

Source : archdaily

loop pH: SOL Dome Responsive Solar-powered LED Light Pavilion

London-based art and design studio loop pH have developed ‘the SOL dome’, a fully responsive lighting pavilion in michigan. the honeycomb-shaped structure is assembled onsite from thousands of individual circles woven from composite fibers, extending through space with its hollow lightweight constructing. measuring 8 x 4 meters and weighs just 40 kg, the ‘SOL dome’ is illuminated by a circular matrix of solar powered LEDs. the portable structure is animated; it interacts and adapts to its environment, similar to a plant and its surrounding ecosystem. the rotational breathing rhythm of light is driven by an onsite CO2 sensor – the underlying geometry and construction technique of the dome is based on chemical and molecular bonds between carbon atoms. when each fibre is bent into a circle, it charges the LEDs like a battery, creating a controlled energetic structure.

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Source: Designboom