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NIKE Floats Aero-Static Dome with Flyknit Technology

the floating form hovers overhead at palazzo clerici

the floating form hovers overhead at palazzo clerici

Coinciding with milan design week 2014, NIKE — in collaboration with taiwanese founder of miniwiz, arthur huang — presents ‘aero-static dome’ a monumental installation towering over the city’s palazzo clerici, serving as the centerpiece for the world premier of the kobe 9 elite low HTM. interconnected mesh knitting becomes an anchor for a massive, metallic, inflated form overhead. at its base, nine glass capsules support the aerial form, each containing the new enclosed NIKE shoe within. the visual influence for the massive, floating structure is motivated by the flyknit technology and its core features: lightweight, form-fitting, optimal performance and enhanced sustainability. inspired by the aerodynamics of leonardo da vinci’s triangular parachute and alexander graham bell’s tetrahedral kite, the floating structure embodies strength and wind resistance, and is supported solely by vertical buoyancy.

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Written By: Nina Azzarello

Image Provided By: NIKE

Source: Designboom