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Miguel Chevalier’s digital arabesques adapt to visitors’ movements


Mathematical formulas and infrared-sensors control the floor

Miguel Chevalier was influenced by Moroccan culture when creating ‘digital arabesques 2015′, a generative and interactive installation shown in association with four french institutes in Morocco. The work recreates Moroccan artistic traditions with a digital medium, creating massive sensor-controlled carpets of light. Multicolored digital scenes compose patterns reminiscent to the art of zelliges, arabesques, mosaics, and the world of mashrabiya–latticework.

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Article Written by: Nick Brink

Photo courtesy of: Miguel Chevalier

Source: Designboom

Interactive Magic Carpet by Miguel Chevalier

Miguel Chevalier spreads "Magic Carpets 2014" over Sacre Coeur in Morocco

Miguel Chevalier spreads “Magic Carpets 2014” over Sacre Coeur in Morocco

‘magic carpets 2014′ by french artist miguel chevalier is an interactive light display spread out across the floor of the former sacré coeur church in casablanca, morocco. covering it with a huge layer of light, the work references the world of biology, microorganisms, and cellular automata – as cells have the ability to multiply in abundance, divide and merge at different paces. pieces come together, fall apart and transform in shape at rapid speeds. the displayed organic universe mingles with a digital construction of overlapping pixels.

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Written By: La Frabrika

Image courtesy of Claude Mossessian

Source: Designboom