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CityTouch – Innovative Remote Lighting Management System to control street lighting

Philips brings new lighting system to Middle East

The smart “plug and play” approach, possible with the CityTouch Ready luminaire.

Philips launched its innovative remote lighting management system, CityTouch, which uses mobile and cloud-based technologies to control street lighting, in the Middle East. The new technology supports today’s vision on sustainability and livable cities. The lighting solution enables cities to save energy, reduces maintenance, and improves safety on streets, due to better visibility, and enhances operational efficiencies. Intelligent lighting is the future of sustainable city lighting. CityTouch connect app not only allows dynamic, intelligent and flexible control of street lighting with dimming control and schedule setting, it also provides the precise amount of light needed at any place and time, saving energy and providing the right level of visibility on the roads.

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Article Written by : Designmena

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Top Middle East projects proposed in 2015


Dream Island a manmade island in Ras Al Khaimah, which is being billed as a “mini Ibiza”,

With only three months into 2015, regional projects have already started to pick up up numerous large-scale developments planned for the Gulf, as well as the rest of the Arab world. Egypt is taking the lead with its announcement of a masterplan for a new capital city designed by SOM as well as a much talked about pyramid skyscraper.

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Article Written by: Aidan Imanova

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12 Projects Win Regional Holcim Awards 2014 for Africa Middle East

Eco-Techno Park: Green building showcase and enterprise hub. Image Courtesy of Holcim Foundation

Eco-Techno Park: Green building showcase and enterprise hub. Image Courtesy of Holcim Foundation

Teams from Turkey and Lebanon have received top honors in the 2014 regional Holcim Awards for Africa Middle East, an award which recognizes the most innovative and advanced sustainable construction designs. Among the top three winners is an “Eco-Park” sustainable research and technology center embedded within the terraced, industrial landscape of Ankara.

The 12 recognized projects will share over $300,000 in prize money, with the top three projects overall going on to be considered for the global Holcim Awards, to be selected in 2015.

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Written by: Karissa Rosenfield

Image Courtesy of: Holcim Foundation

Source: ArchDaily

Mohammad Domiri Documents the Intricacy of Iranian Architecture

Shah Emam Mosque in Isfahan, Esfahan, Iran

Shah Emam Mosque in Isfahan, Esfahan, Iran


The labyrinth motifs ubiquitous throughout Middle Eastern culture are often incredibly complex and intricate in their composition and detail. Places of religious worship are adorned with kaleidoscopic colors and rich ornamentation within their interior walls and onto the ceilings, establishing a space that hypnotizes those inside.

Northern Iranian student Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji has photographed these sacred structures in a series of panoramic photographs, revealing the depths of these vast architectural expanses in a single shot. Towering domes painted vibrant blues and yellows are etched and painted with undulating designs; elaborate floral decorations made from mosaics line the floors and walls; light cast from stained glass brings brightly hued shadows into the spaces.

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Written by: Nina Azzarello

Image Courtesy of: Mohammed Domiri

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REX Clads Media Headquarters with Retractable sunshades

the towers’ elevations can ‘blossom’ in less than a minute

the towers’ elevations can ‘blossom’ in less than a minute

New York-based architecture office REX has developed the conjoined headquarters of two middle eastern media companies. the brief from the sister organizations calles for two elegant structures that pay homage to traditional emirati architecture, while satisfying their programmatic demands. starting with a long slender precedent – approximately 100 m x 22 m (328 ft x 72 ft) – the design team seeks to simultaneously accommodate offices alongside smaller broadcasting and news studios.

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Written By: Philip Stevens

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Source: Designboom

REX clads media headquarters with retractable sunshades

REX clads media headquarters with retractable sunshades

powerful LEDs integrated within the sunshades create an enormous media wall

powerful LEDs integrated within the sunshades create an enormous media wall

Middle East Smart Lighting and Energy Summit Abu Dhabi attracts major industry players

In an effort to drive the evolution of energy-efficient lighting in the Middle East key decision-makers and industry world leaders and will convene at the Middle East Smart Lighting and Energy Summit on 5-6 November 2012.

Over 200 delegates have already confirmed their attendance at the conference which is being held at the Rocco Forte Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE to discuss the prospects in smart lighting as a way of making the Middle East more energy-efficient and sustainable.

With the Middle East experiencing record population growth and urban development, governments and municipalities are quickly becoming aware of the significant benefits of intelligent lighting. Inefficient lighting is responsible for 19% of total electrical consumption and 6% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

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Written by: Siba Sami Ammari

Source: AME info.com

Spotlight: U-Bora Tower

AWA continues its notable work in the Middle East. Today’s spotlight is on Dubai’s U-Bora Tower. Designed by Aedas and commissioned for the Bando Corporation, the U-Bora Commercial Tower is among the tallest in Dubai, with a height accelerating to 263 meters. The towers’ site occupies a prominent placement on the main axis of the Business Bay, with the 60 story commercial tower and a 16 story residential unit alongside. After the tower twisted itself from ground to sky, the subsequent illumination has finally been completed. The lighting scheme for all facades, the site’s landscape and core and shell lighting is designed by AWA.

The lighting design was first conceived in 2006. More than five years later, and in spite of the economic downturn, the design took root. One main effect is a light gradient from a source at the base of the building structure, fading toward the top of the building. Groups of flood lights are directed at the base and center of the tower so that the light levels gradually decrease above. Due to the rotating profile of the building, achieving the required illumination gradient from fixed points on the ground was a challenging task. In addition, the East and West Facades’ vertical slots are dynamically illuminated as a “light thermometer” that rises and falls in synch with the ambient outdoor temperature. This vertical accent emphasizes the unique curvature.

As this exceptional structure came to life, bringing with it a wholly unique perspective on skyscraper illumination, AWA’s design team found it gratifying to see its concepts realized.