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Residence in Amritsar

Our lighting design intent responded to the Architects request to create warm and home-like spaces, while expressing the architectural massing. We also gave special attention to the local foliage in the landscape to create a sense of a nature and peacefulness.

Architect: Ranjodh Singh

Annotated Site Plan

Residence 1 From Main Garden

Residence 2 From Main Garden

Entrance to Residence 1

The exterior lighting approach focused on the facade and landscape illumination. Approaching the main entrance, V-shaped roof supports conceal uplights which give the entry portal its warm, inviting glow. The stacked and cantilevered roof tops that arrange the facade are illuminated with the reflected glow of downlights, which also cast a bright warmth down the wooden and stone side walls. The pool area has back-lit decorative screens as the border around the top focal wall of the space. Illuminated wall niches create a mysterious sparkle above the water line.

Entrance to Residence 2

Bollard lights illuminate the landscape foliage, stairs and walkways. From the back of the house, the edges of the trees shimmer as their silhouettes are revealed from the backlighting.

Lobby of Residence 2

From Back Garden of Residence 2

Pool House