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Metal Fabrics – Illumesh


GKD Metal Fabrics’ Illumesh at the Indemann Project by Maurer United Architects.

GKD Metal Fabrics’ Illumesh controls the span of illumination by the angling of the LEDs. They can be focused on a specific area, or blanket the entire façade. Creative lighting effects can be achieved using individually programmed lighting concepts. Compared to conventional illumination systems, Illumesh offers higher resolution imagery, weather and temperature resistance, and excels as an Internet-operated, high-performance media surface.

Uses & Applications:
– Media facades
– Facades.

– Durability
– Maleability
– Flexibility.

– Type: Flexible, one direction
– Open Area: 64%
– Weight: 1.30 lbs/sqft
– Nominal Thickness: 0.244″.

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Image courtesy of : From Archdaily

Source : Archdaily

CityTouch – Innovative Remote Lighting Management System to control street lighting

Philips brings new lighting system to Middle East

The smart “plug and play” approach, possible with the CityTouch Ready luminaire.

Philips launched its innovative remote lighting management system, CityTouch, which uses mobile and cloud-based technologies to control street lighting, in the Middle East. The new technology supports today’s vision on sustainability and livable cities. The lighting solution enables cities to save energy, reduces maintenance, and improves safety on streets, due to better visibility, and enhances operational efficiencies. Intelligent lighting is the future of sustainable city lighting. CityTouch connect app not only allows dynamic, intelligent and flexible control of street lighting with dimming control and schedule setting, it also provides the precise amount of light needed at any place and time, saving energy and providing the right level of visibility on the roads.

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Responsive Light Installation is Controlled by Viewer’s Breath


The sensitive sensor detects breathing motions


LED change color accordingly

The ‘prana’ experience explores the relationship between breath and light, giving visitors the ability the visualize their energy through its impact of 13, 211 individual LED sphere. The word ‘prana’ comes from sanskrit, and refers to a cosmic life force that originates in the sun and enters the body through the breath. studio b-reel creative interpreted that mean with 12 by 12 foot suspended sphere where visitors stand in front of a xethru radar sensor that detects breath. With this data, a custom computer code triggers color shifts and animations that make it appear as if the sphere is breathing with them. Add sounds by one thousand birds heightens the effects, transitioning between each phase of the experience. The team open sourced the code to allow for other artists and developers to create custom animations that can later be incorporated into the installation. The ‘prana’ b-reel creative project was completed designed and built in-house over the course of a year to promote memorable and emotional experiences powered by technology.

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Article Written by : Piotr Boruslawski

Image courtesy of : b-reel creative

Source : Designboom

Prana Trailer
from B-Reel

VS Carre X an interactive Light & Sound cube


visualsystem-13Light and Sound Cube

For the opening ceremony of the Croisement Festival in Guangzhou China, Visual System has imagined “VS Carre X” : an interactive cube of 3 meters, built by Grand, and projecting light reacting according to the sound. This installation was animated by an original score by Thomas Vaquié which maximises the public’s immersion in this big exterior dispositive.

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Image courtesy of : From Fubiz

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RAW turns downtown Montreal into an interactive kaleidoscope

RAW turns downtown Montreal into an interactive kaleidoscope

A public art installation in Montreal, Canada, that is made from 50 pivoting prisms

The 50 pivoting prisms are made of panels laminated with a dichronic film that transmits and reflects every colour in the visible spectrum, varying with the position of the light source and the observer. The prisms are mounted on bases containing projectors. As visitors wander among and manipulate the prisms, they will enjoy an infinite interplay of lights and colourful reflections. As the prisms rotate, a variable-intensity soundtrack comprised of bell sounds will play.

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Article Written by: Roland Rom Colthoff

Photo courtesy of: James Brittain

Source: contemporist.

Miguel Chevalier’s digital arabesques adapt to visitors’ movements


Mathematical formulas and infrared-sensors control the floor

Miguel Chevalier was influenced by Moroccan culture when creating ‘digital arabesques 2015′, a generative and interactive installation shown in association with four french institutes in Morocco. The work recreates Moroccan artistic traditions with a digital medium, creating massive sensor-controlled carpets of light. Multicolored digital scenes compose patterns reminiscent to the art of zelliges, arabesques, mosaics, and the world of mashrabiya–latticework.

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Article Written by: Nick Brink

Photo courtesy of: Miguel Chevalier

Source: Designboom

Artist Uses Gehry’s Concert Hall as Canvas in LA Philharmonic Concert Series

Refik Anadol

The first week of December marked the beginning of the LA Philharmonic’s in/SIGHT concert series. The multimedia series will incorporate video images playing in sync with the performance, creating an immersive new way to experience the music for concert-goers. The first of these performances was the collaborative work of conductor Esa-pekka Salonen and artist Refik Anadol in an audio-visual rendition of Edgard Varèse’s Amériques. Using audio analysis and Kinect motion capture software to record Salonen’s movements while conducting, Anadol has created a stunning set of moving images that capture the very spirit of Varèse’s work. Learn more about this fascinating project, after the break.

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Image provided by: Refik Anadol

Article Written by: Connor Walker

Source: ArchDaily

Visions of America: Amériques / LA Phil / Video Artist Cut from Refik Anadol on Vimeo.

Beyond “Things That Flicker”: The Next Step for Media Architecture

Times Square NYC - Image © Flickr CC User MK

Times Square NYC – Image © Flickr CC User MK


The word ‘media’ was appropriated (and impoverished) by broadcasting and communications in the course of their pervasion during the 20th century. As a new social phenomenon, media (along with its derivatives new media, multi media, mass media) was eagerly studied by the emergent figure of the ‘media theorist.’ Marshall McLuhan, pioneer of the field, categorically dismissed content, focusing instead on the potency of the networked transmission system itself. Media, for McLuhan, was not about information, but about tools of content delivery, the intermediaries between providers and consumers. [2] His reading points to a broader, prior definition of media as simply the things-in-between, diplomatic structures, membranes that negotiate two conditions or entities.

That is, architecture.


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Written by: Matthew Claudel

Image Courtesy of: Flickr CC User MK

Source: ArchDaily

Seven Digital Experiences by Teamlab Surround Viewers At Pace Gallery

image courtesy of pace gallery

image courtesy of pace gallery


For their first-ever exhibition in the United States, Tokyo-based Teamlab presents ‘Ultra Subjective Space‘, a display of 7 immersive digital works at Page Gallery, New York. As a fusion of technology and art, the experiential atmosphere surrounds visitors on large-scale screens, projecting looped videos which investigate perspective, time and the distortion of space.

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Written by: Nina Azzarello

Image Courtesy of: Pace Gallery

Source: Designboom

Downtown Sydney Transformed by Light





Starting tonight through June 9th, the city of Sydney is hosting an annual exhibition of light and music called Vivid Sydney. Dozens of light sculptures and projections will be viewable throughout the downtown area as well as in the Sydney Harbor in an event that is completely free to the public.

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Image courtesy of: Christopher Jobson

Written By: Christopher Jobson

Source: Colossal