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AWA Project Update 2014: Part 2 of 2

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July 31st 2014
Vol. 12.2
Dear Friends,

We hope you enjoyed reading our newsletter sent out two weeks ago. A heartfelt thanks for all the good wishes received from many of you.

Here is Part 2 of 2 of our project update series. This past year has been busy with several project completions and new project kick-offs, and we are sharing a few highlights.

At AWA, we are all looking forward to another wonderful year of opportunities, creativity, innovation, and happiness. Thank you for your support and patronage.


Abhay Wadhwa
AWA Lighting Designers

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Fairmont Jaipur

Fairmont Jaipur


Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield


Orion Mall

Orion Mall

AWA Project Fairmont Jaipur Hotel is Now Open

The Fairmont Jaipur officially opened on August 9th, 2012 and is Fairmont’s first hotel in India. The luxury hotel and resort operating company has created magnificent hotels all around the world, and the Jaipur is no exception. Exquisitely designed by Randolph Gray, It reflects and complements the uniqueness of the community in which it is situated by following the spectacular architectural style that is seen in the surrounding palaces. In addition to the 248 rooms, guests are offered a variety of restaurants and bars, including a poolside bar, a 10,000 square foot Willow Stream spa, and a 5,000 square foot health club. The hotel’s magnificent 48,500 square foot Convention Center and gardens can host over 1000 guests within its richly adorned spaces.

Our lighting concept for the Fairmont Jaipur creates dramatically illuminated spaces, fully capitalizing on the romance inherent in the architectural styling. Unexpected moments of delight are created by special accents, such as candle-light effects on entry stairs, pool-side torches, and lighting effects that erupt into richly textured patterns of shadows on plain walls. The guest’s gait is the primary focus of the landscape lighting, which draws visitors along and peaks their curiosity by pacing illumination low along paths. Visitor’s attention is drawn towards dining areas and other outdoor focal points through the use of delicately illuminated trees with hanging fixtures. Large spaces with high ceilings are filled with the warm glow of low-hanging chandeliers, creating an intimate place from a very open space.

Image of the Water Court at the Fairmont Jaipur Hotel

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