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This Sculpture In Chicago Is Made From Over 3000 Hand Blown Glass Orbs


Made From Over 3000 Hand Blown Glass Orbs.


Deriving its name from the Latin Lucere, meaning ‘to shine’.

Artist Wolfgang Buttress, has completed Lucent, a new sculpture created as part of the lobby refurbishment of the iconic John Hancock Center in Chicago. Lucent is a 4 meter-diameter hemisphere perforated with 3,115 holes representing stars visible with the naked eye from Earth’s Northern hemisphere. Fiber-optic cables emerge from each point, emitting a glowing ambient light.

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Image courtesy of : Mark Hadden Photography

Source : Contemporist

The World’s Largest Outdoor Art Gallery


Vivid Sydney

Lighting up the buildings and spaces of Sydney, Australia, is Vivid Sydney, the annual light art event. The 18 day festival, turns Sydney into a wonderland of light art sculptures, and is the world’s largest outdoor art gallery.

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Image courtesy of : Vivid Sydney

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Waterlicht – Floods Museum Square In Amsterdam

Artist Daan Roosegaarde Floods Museum Square In Amsterdam

Waterlicht shows how the Netherlands look like without waterworks.

This inner city square, of almost 8 acres, was virtually placed underwater in Netherlands. Immersive lighting showed what the water level in The Netherlands would look like, if they didn’t have all the waterworks they’re known for. Waterlicht lets the visitor experience the almost forgotten power and vulnerability of water. A virtual flood, innovation is seen throughout the landscape, pushed by the waterworks and the history.

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Article : From contemporist

Photo by : Pim Hendriksen

Source : Contemporist