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This Sculpture In Chicago Is Made From Over 3000 Hand Blown Glass Orbs


Made From Over 3000 Hand Blown Glass Orbs.


Deriving its name from the Latin Lucere, meaning ‘to shine’.

Artist Wolfgang Buttress, has completed Lucent, a new sculpture created as part of the lobby refurbishment of the iconic John Hancock Center in Chicago. Lucent is a 4 meter-diameter hemisphere perforated with 3,115 holes representing stars visible with the naked eye from Earth’s Northern hemisphere. Fiber-optic cables emerge from each point, emitting a glowing ambient light.

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Article Written by : From Contemporist

Image courtesy of : Mark Hadden Photography

Source : Contemporist

Enter the Mesmerizing World of Rainbow Coloured Maps with “Crayon the Grids”

New York City. Image Courtesy of Stephen Von Worley

New York City. Image Courtesy of Stephen Von Worley

A new series of maps by California-based artist-scientist Stephen Von Worley give colour coding an entirely new meaning. With his latest algorithm-generated project, “Crayon the Grids,” Von Worley has taken maps of ten major metropolitan areas and coloured them based on geographical orientation of the urban grid. Each street is assigned a colour specific to its orientation, varying in hue and weight depending on its cardinal direction and length. The result is a dizzying technicolor of urban planning, creating completely new demarcations for some of the world’s most recognizable cities.

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Image Courtesy of: Stephen Von Worley

Article Written by: Finn MacLeod

Source: ArchDaily

Just Like Taco Trucks, Art Takes to the Road

The Rodi Gallery - Aaron Graham

The Rodi Gallery – Aaron Graham


On a recent Saturday, Elise Graham and her 23-year-old son, Aaron, pulled a 12-foot van into a parking spot on West 14th Street in Greenwich Village, swung open the back doors, lowered the aluminum stairs, and welcomed visitors inside their mobile Rodi Gallery.

Around the United States, art is on the roll. Inspired by the success of food trucks, gallery owners like the Grahams, who are based in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., have been taking their show on the road. For the last year, they have traveled to populated spots like the meatpacking district of Manhattan, the Peekskill train station and Astoria Park in Queens. This Saturday, they are parking in the center of Bushwick Open Studios, a three-day festival in Brooklyn.

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Written by: Alyson Krueger

Image Courtesy of: Aaron Graham

Source: New York Times

Tomorrow’s Lighting Designers Shine in Guerrilla Lighting Contest

Working with Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton of Light Collective, Xicato sponsored and developed a guerrilla style Architectural Lighting Improv Event at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago, Illinois in association with the IALD Midwest. 70 people from the Chicago Lighting and Architecture Communities were in attendance as two teams of emerging professional lighting designers leveraged their know-how, on-the-spot to visually transform their environments with LED light supplied by Xicato.

With the location disclosed only 24 hours before the event, the lighting designers, divided into two teams, first toured the location and chose a space to transform. The teams had only 90 minutes to re-work the dark, under- or unlit areas into beautifully lit spaces. A panel of judges from the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) chose the winning team based on many aspects, some of which included creative concept, concept implementation, technical expertise, and sensitivity to site. The lighting designers had access to over 100 points of light that included torches (Xicato flash lights) and Xicato LED modules with AA battery packs.

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Source: Global LEDs/OLEDs