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A Note from Abhay Wadhwa

Dear Blog Reader

We have been sharing information on diverse topics with you via social media over the past few years. You would also have noticed that I have not written too much over the past 12 months. Strangely, it coincides with how long it has been since I regularly went to the gym. Both events have severe connects with workload and deadlines for the most part, and some part with lacking self-discipline to visit social media. This has been my localized prescription to avoiding the contagion on social media. Please understand- I am not saying this is the only way to manage your time on social media.

On AWA Anecdotes- we have been blessed with many great collaborations around the world (22 countries and counting), with many talented designers. We have always felt that geographical localization of knowledge and operations was critical in building evocative spaces, while embracing an international zeitgeist. However, not only are the cultures and climates different between these contexts, lighting technologies are going through a tectonic shift- together, these aspects make our professional life very exciting, given that we work in many parts of the world, we have observed amazing moments of beauty and serendipity in working on these projects and learnt from our collaboration, while making value additions to the projects.

The experiences are diverse, and what better way to enjoy them again than to share them with our friends online via anecdotes. We welcome a dialog and your candid opinions on the stories that we share. Please stay tuned for more blogs on this topic.

To the light!

Abhay Wadhwa
Design Principal l CEO
AWA Lighting Designers