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“It is necessary to return to the point where the interplay of light and dark Reveals forms, and in this way to bring richness back into architectural space. Yet, the richness and depth of darkness has disappeared from our consciousness, and the subtle nuances that light and darkness engender, their spatial resonance – these are almost forgotten. Today, when all is cast in homogeneous light, I am committed to pursuing the interrelationship of light and darkness. Light, whose beauty within darkness is as of jewels that one might cup in one’s hands; light that, hollowing out darkness and piercing our bodies, blows life into ‘place’.”
– Tadao Ando (1990)

What is darkness, and what is shadow? Darkness is the absence of light, while shadow is the comparative darkness that results from the blocking of light.

As Lighting Designers, several of us use light like our jobs depended on it- literally. I firmly believe that overusing light, often to validate our professional existence, is a professional mistake.

Light depends on darkness and shadow to come to life, and create a harmonious lit visual environment.


out of the shadows