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Hundreds of Interactive Butterflies Change Colors and Patterns by Smartphone

On the Wings of Freedom

On the Wings of Freedom

For the Amsterdam Light Festival, which goes on from now through January 2015, Italian design studio Aether & Hemera have created On the Wings of Freedom, a radiant cloud of hundreds of butterflies that hover above the ground. The dazzling installation can be found along the walking route of the festival, at Wertheimpark. Visitors with a smartphone are welcome to change the lighting effects which means they can manipulate the colors and patterns of light.

The butterflies represent metamorphosis and freedom across all cultures. Essentially, this installation is about the transformation of a city, in this case, Amsterdam. As they state, “The city is a place where people can continuously be inspired, not only culturally but also socially; a place for ongoing change and progress. On the Wings of Freedom symbolizes this potential change and evolution.

“With our installation’s dynamic waves of colors we wanted to celebrate Amsterdam’s bubbles and buzzes of activities, thoughts and interactions.”

“The joyous flapping creatures in the Wertheimpark are not just a source of beauty and enjoyment, but also a request: keep the change coming. It’s what Amsterdam is all about. It’s been said that a butterfly can cause a storm. Leave it to these butterflies to cause a hurricane of light and creativity.”

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Article Written by: Alice Yoo

Source: My Modern Met

Undulating “Light Bridge” Over Amsterdam’s Canals

tjep. illuminates amsterdam’s canals with undulating light bridge

Tjep. illuminates amsterdam’s canals with undulating light bridge

This winter, from now until January 18th, 2015, the capital of the Netherlands will light up once again up for the third annual Amsterdam light festival, when the historical center becomes a dynamic showcase of light and movement. For the occasion, dutch studio Tjep. has created a luminous, undulating installation along the Amstel in the center of the city. ‘Light Bridge’ draws reference from the classic arches of a typical Amsterdam canal bridge, and evolves the lines and and curves into a free-flowing sculpture that both reflects the movement of boats on water and from the street above.

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Article Written by: Nina Azzarello

Photo courtesy of: Tjep

Source: Designboom