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AWA NEWSFLASH: Abhay Wadhwa to Speak at AIA Miami Design+Technology Expo

Abhay Wadhwa to speak at AIA Miami’s Design + Technology Expo on Friday, September 23 2016.
He will be speaking on “The Unspoken Relationship Between Light and Health”. An extract from his talk:

“Light triggers critical physiological and psychological responses within human beings. The level and quality of light within the built environment has real implications on our health and wellness. As we become more aware of light’s implications on our health, and as technology affords us a greater range of options, we can develop a larger repertoire of design tools with which to positively impact our health and wellness.”

If you would like to register for the Expo, please click HERE.

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AWA Healthy Lighting Studio
The Healthy Lighting Studio is located at AWA’s New York location, and is led by AWA’s Design Principal Abhay Wadhwa. Over the past 14 years, AWA has completed several healthcare projects, and the endeavor has always been to utilize the uplifting nuances of light to create evocative and healing spaces. We have focused intently on using light and lighting to improve the health and well-being of people, especially in healthcare and recuperative environments. If you would like more information on our Healthy Lighting Studio services, please contact us at newyork@awalightingdesigners.com or feel free to call Abhay directly.

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