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Which Projection Mapping software?


Do you want to start projection mapping…?

The good news is that there are a lot of programs out there that will allow you to do so, but before you put the time in to learning any of them, take a quick peek at the thoughts for just play around in our Tools section and see for yourself. These tools are just the start and if you learn one, then the next step is to start making content for your mappings. What’s great is that a lot of the software used for creating content is cross platform, Mac & PC mainly. Popular tools of the trade include, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, & Cinema 4D, while there are many more, these 4 and others like them should give you a large enough playground to create custom visuals. Additionally, check out OpenFrameworks, Isodora, Max MSP, vvvv, and Processing.

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There was an amazing transformation in the skies over NYC late yesterday afternoon (November 12th 2013, 11-12-13). Those of us lucky enough to be in Brooklyn or Long Island City yesterday were able to witness it’s beauty.

Just as the afternoon began to end, the clouds over NYC began to spread across the sky like an animated brush stroke of saturated color. The sweep of clouds settled across the sky to create another horizon line just above the NYC Skyline, curving in its crown-like glory.

Then as the sun began to set in the south west just behind the newly crowned tallest building in the western hemisphere, One World Trade Center, the sunset spread color across this curving horizon line.

Because of AWA’s studio location on the East River in Brooklyn, we see the glorious play of lights and color in the sky over Manhattan through the year, but the colors are especially stunning at this time of the year.

We hope you enjoy the photographs below.

Clouds Over NYC Just Before Sunset on 11.12.13

Clouds Over NYC Just Before Sunset on 11.12.13

 Sunset over Manhattan on 11.12.13

Sunset over Manhattan on 11.12.13

Sunset over Manhattan on 11.12.13

Sunset over Manhattan on 11.12.13

 Sunset over Manhattan on 11.12.13

Sunset over Manhattan on 11.12.13

Sunset over Manhattan on 11.12.13

Sunset over Manhattan on 11.12.13

Residence in Amritsar

Our lighting design intent responded to the Architects request to create warm and home-like spaces, while expressing the architectural massing. We also gave special attention to the local foliage in the landscape to create a sense of a nature and peacefulness.

Architect: Ranjodh Singh

Annotated Site Plan

Residence 1 From Main Garden

Residence 2 From Main Garden

Entrance to Residence 1

The exterior lighting approach focused on the facade and landscape illumination. Approaching the main entrance, V-shaped roof supports conceal uplights which give the entry portal its warm, inviting glow. The stacked and cantilevered roof tops that arrange the facade are illuminated with the reflected glow of downlights, which also cast a bright warmth down the wooden and stone side walls. The pool area has back-lit decorative screens as the border around the top focal wall of the space. Illuminated wall niches create a mysterious sparkle above the water line.

Entrance to Residence 2

Bollard lights illuminate the landscape foliage, stairs and walkways. From the back of the house, the edges of the trees shimmer as their silhouettes are revealed from the backlighting.

Lobby of Residence 2

From Back Garden of Residence 2

Pool House

Abhay Wadhwa Attends the Korean Committee for UNICEF Fundraiser

On October 23, 2012, Abhay Wadhwa attended The Korean Committee for UNICEF fundraiser to honor the “Every Woman Every Child Initiative” (EWEC) at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Korea to the UN. The initiative has been taken on by the Secretary-General. EWEC is an unprecedented international movement, spearheaded by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, which seeks to intensify global action to enhance the health and safety of women and children in the world. They discussed the current situation, as well as the future strategy of EWEC in order to improve the health of women and children.

There were many notable figures that attended the event including Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UNICEF’s Executive Director Anthony Lake, and the Permanent Representatives of Romania, Australia, Brazil, Japan, among others. The Korean singer, PSY, who is famous for his song ‘Gangnam style’ appeared as a special guest during the reception. The opening remarks about the EWEC initiative were made by Mr. Lake, and The Secretary-General and Ambassador Kim Sook made closing remarks following the reception.

India Against Corruption

“Ho gayi hai peer parvat si, pighalni chahiye; is himalaya se koi ganga nikalni chahiye”
– Dushyant Kumar
Translation from Hindi:
The ‘pain’ has grown into a mountain which is now giving rise to ‘Ganga’ (the river that cleanses)

AP Photo: Manish Swarup

I believe in this movement.

On one Saturday afternoon, I found myself moving with a raised placard in my hand in crowded metro trains with strange eyes on me, appealing people to come to Jantar Manter (a historical monument in New Delhi) to support a movement I believed in. I probably would not have imagined myself doing such a daring/ weird thing but I did. That day I felt the power of authenticity. ’

Growing up, I had always been inspired by freedom fighters and revolutionaries who fought for India’s independence. This current state of the country is definitely not the one they had sacrificed their lives for. Over recent years, we have read about scams involving billions of rupees. Allegations are made but conviction rate is almost non-existent. Getting a license, passport; filing a police complaint is made to appear like a daunting task if one goes through regular procedures without paying bribes. There has been a latent, suppressed anger towards the pathetic state of policing, judiciary and government in the country. Every problem of the country can be linked to this single word – ‘corruption’. It is now so deep rooted that a revolution of sorts is needed to bring about the change.

“India Against Corruption movement” spearheaded by Anna Hazaare and Arvind Kejriwal provides a hope for that change. People who criticize the country, who have accepted the state of country as it is and believe that nothing could change here, were shaken from their complacency. It brought back the realization of the effectiveness of the tools (non-violence, truth, spirituality, fasting, satyagraha) used by Mahatma Gandhi for India’s Independence.

A vast majority of India stood united and raised their voices against this venomous issue. This movement, which is ongoing and active, has united and awakened many of the countrymen from their slumber, and provided hope to a common man and his capabilities. It has given the courage and the platform, where one can stand for what is right against what is wrong.

I believe in this movement.

For more information about the movement, please click here.

Written By: Vineet Ahuja