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‘Clean the Air. Let the Future Breathe Again’ – Smoke to Illustrate Dangers of Air Pollution

Projection on Smoke

The project helps illustrate how crucial the issue of air pollution is for future generations


xiao zhu uses factory smoke to illustrate dangers of air pollution

Xiao Zhu is a chinese company dedicated to providing clean air to its citizens. The country sees more than 500,000 die every year from causes related in some way to extreme levels of airborne contaminants. Like most socially conscious businesses, entering better products into the market is often only a small part of a larger equation; true change lies within education and protest. To make an impact, xiao zhu needed to show the people of china how crucial the issue is, and they did so in the most direct means possible.

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Article Written by : Nick Brink

GIF & Image courtesy of : Xiao Zhu

Source : Designboom

The world’s smallest projection mapping on a Grain of Rice

Projection-Mapped Grain of Rice a (Tiny) Feast for the Senses

Projection-mapped a single grain of rice


A tiny light play 5 mm high

At this year’s Salone del Milano, creative studio Drill Tokyo projection-mapped a single grain of rice. According to the creators, it’s the “the world’s smallest projection mapping” achievement to-date, a tiny light play 5 mm high, infinitesimally in diameter, and ghostly white in hue. A single grain is housed in a cubic chamber, where it hovers on thin threads in front of the narrow beam. As viewers peer through a magnified glass and into the box’s peephole, “the texture of the ‘rice’ begins to change so that it is no longer just rice,” Drill Tokyo explains. Through “textures” of spinning florals, chaotic scribbles, teeny tiny explosions, the team engrains the aesthetic essence of Japan onto the face of the culture’s most symbolic crop.

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Article Written by : Sami Emory

GIF & Image courtesy of : Sami Emory

Source : thecreatorsproject

The World’s Largest Outdoor Art Gallery


Vivid Sydney

Lighting up the buildings and spaces of Sydney, Australia, is Vivid Sydney, the annual light art event. The 18 day festival, turns Sydney into a wonderland of light art sculptures, and is the world’s largest outdoor art gallery.

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Image courtesy of : Vivid Sydney

Source : Contemporist

Augmented Modelling 3D Printed Jewellery


3D Printed Jewellery

This augmented modelling tool enables users to touch, poke, rub or pinch geometric forms projected onto their skin to design wearable 3D-printed pieces. Digital research studio Madlab has developed a system that combines projection mapping with depth and motion sensing technologies to create customised jewellery and other items worn around the wrist, Called Tactum.

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Article Written by: Katie Treggiden

GIFS courtesy of : Madlab

Source : Dezeen

Walk on Water in a Projection-Mapped Paddy Field



Upcropping of projection mapped screens takes root in teamLab’s interactive installation at this year’s Milan Expo. Staged in the Japanese Pavilion, HARMONY reimagines the symbolic Japanese rice paddy, the age-old foundation of country’s agricultural, as leaf-shaped screens reflecting pools of multicolored light. Installed at different heights throughout the room, the projection-mapped field replies to visitors’ movements with a myriad of dynamic designs, blooming in green swaths of grass and wriggling with silvery schools of fish. “This interactive art installation creates a space where visitors look as if they are wading their way through the ears of rice,” says teamLab on their website. “As they wander around, they can experience a passing of nature that is so characteristic of Japan across the period of a whole year.”

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Article Written by : Sami Emory

Photo by : teamLab

Source : the Creators Project

Which Projection Mapping software?


Do you want to start projection mapping…?

The good news is that there are a lot of programs out there that will allow you to do so, but before you put the time in to learning any of them, take a quick peek at the thoughts for just play around in our Tools section and see for yourself. These tools are just the start and if you learn one, then the next step is to start making content for your mappings. What’s great is that a lot of the software used for creating content is cross platform, Mac & PC mainly. Popular tools of the trade include, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, & Cinema 4D, while there are many more, these 4 and others like them should give you a large enough playground to create custom visuals. Additionally, check out OpenFrameworks, Isodora, Max MSP, vvvv, and Processing.

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Article Written by : Cornelius

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An interactive canvas by Aakash Nihalani


An interactive canvas of projection mapped “Shuffle”

Aakash Nihalani creates an interactive canvas for his new series of ‘projections’, comprising cubic designs projected onto a white wall that respond to the movements of an active participant. a nearby sensor tracks the motion of viewer’s hand, revealing a composition that reacts in real time using coding and motion software.

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Article Written by: Nina Azzarello

Photo courtesy of: Aakash Nihalani

Source: Designboom.