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Kickstarting Fiber Optic Art

Visitors race through museums and galleries, stopping in front of a work of art for only a moment to snap a picture with their phones. Research confirms this behavior; we spend an average of 30 seconds looking at an individual artwork. But a recent exhibition by Lyn Godley at Gallery Art68 in Cologne, Germany triggered very different reactions. Curators observed viewers spending hours in the gallery, absorbed by the installation.

Lyn Godley, artist, product and lighting designer, creates digital images that are drawn over in charcoal and pastel. Into each drawing she threads hundreds of fiber optic cables that create little bursts of light throughout the installation. These subtle modulations of light draw viewers in, forcing them to pause and meditate on the images in front of them.

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Written by: Dora Sapunar

Source: Metropolis Magazine

Massive Fiber-Optic Installation Lights Up Library Queries

Getting a glimpse into the curious minds of others has never been so beautiful – or so bright.

Designers Brian W. Brush and Yong Ju Lee of E/B Office New York created an extensive fiber-optic installation for the Teton County Library grand opening in Wyoming that visualizes library searches in flashes of colored light. Dubbed Filament Mind, the installation, which opened at the end of January, uses over five miles of fiber-optic cables and 44 LED illuminators to collect, categorize, and render searches from libraries all across the state of Wyoming into glowing bursts of color.

Visualizations begin when a person uses specific words while searching online library catalogs. Subjects including social sciences, arts, languages, history, and philosophy have been categorized by the Dewey Decimal System into 904 text labels, so that when a person uses any one of those labels in their search, it’s filtered through the categories and the corresponding fiber optic cable lights up. If a person clicks on one of the results of their search, another cable will light up. There’s also a donor mode in which the entire display flashes with all the different colors of light, as a way to thank the private donors that made the project possible.

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Written by: Valentina Palladino

Source: Wired Design