Supermaniac Clads Nen Restaurant With 3,000 Pieces Of Hung Charcoal

Nen resturant Charcoal nstallation 1

Guests are met with rungs of charred wood, gently illuminated from below

Nen resturant Charcoal nstallation

The charred pieces come from the region’s ubame oak

Serving as a visual indication of the food on offer inside, this restaurant in japan is clad with 3,000 individual charcoal pieces taken from ubame oak. designed by local studio supermaniac, the use of the material continues inside the dining establishment, which serves mainly charbroiled dishes. Upon entering ‘nen’, guests are met with further rungs of charred wood, gently illuminated from below. Within the seated areas, ‘kiku-zumi’ – a crosscut sawtooth oak charcoal that resembles the chrysanthemum flower – has been used. the pieces are placed between a one-way mirror and a fully reflective surface, creating a series of smaller reflections that enhance the form of the material. Within the design, traditional Japanese products have been incorporated to recall established ways of dining, while simultaneously embracing contemporary cuisine.

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Article Written by : Philip Stevens

Image courtesy of : Supermaniac inc

Source : Designboom