10 Projects That Lay Out the Future of Brick


South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre

Briefed to block noise and direct sunlight while retaining some light and ventilation. It screens an office building for a Human Rights NGO. The project demonstrates the delicacy that brick can have — in a form that would not be conceived with any other material. A new generation of architects are reimagining what a brick building is, and their work demonstrates that, far from being anachronistic, brick is likely to remain relevant in the future as new ways are found to exploit its many qualities. Brick doesn’t have the grandeur of stone or the modernity of concrete or steel. But they do have a remarkable series of properties: they’re economical, weather resistant, and fireproof. They can be made locally from natural materials and they’re recyclable. They’re also environmentally efficient, as their open cell structure stores heat and releases it slowly, making brick buildings cool in summer and warm in winter. Lastly, bricks are also widely liked by non-architects.

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Article Written by : William Hall

Photo by : Architizer

Source : Architizer