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Responsive research materials at milan design week


Magnetic fabrics by lilian dedio in cooperation with BMW AG

The institute of materialdesign IMD at the hochschule offenbach university of art and design, exhibited research works during the 2015 milan design week, in the district of ventura lambrate. The exhibition of the world of materials and structures, showcases playful explorations that involved unconventional approaches. There was an emphasis on getting to know materials, structures and systems, as well as on understanding their technical-physical or chemical properties. Goal of magnetic fabric was to explore new limits of fabrics, to experimentally further develop familiar features of them through unexpected modifications. To create these changes different aspects of magnetism are incorporated into traditional fabrics. The combination of methodically arranged magnetically active and passive components cause a mechanical accumulation of elements and thus a dynamic rearrangement of the entire medium. Over and above the original intention to set the fabric in motion, a surprising set of innovative aesthetics was achieved. The work illustrates the relationship between media and shape by unique motion sequences.

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Article Written by : Tim Spears

Photo by : image © designboom

Source : designboom

AIA names top 10 American housing projects of the year


Studhorse – Winthrop, Washington, by Olson Kundig Architects

Set in the remote Methow Valley, Studhorse responds to the clients’ desire to experience and interact with the surrounding environment throughout all four seasons. The house is composed of four separate detached structures surrounding a central courtyard. Each structure is rotated toward different dramatic elements in the surrounding landscape such as the nearby Studhorse Ridge and Pearrygin Lake. Public areas, including the family room, kitchen, and bar are grouped together in the main building. Private areas – the master bedroom, kids’ bedroom, and den – are separated in an adjacent structure, with guest rooms in yet another, isolated to allow for independent use. A fourth structure houses a sauna, removed from the cluster of activity and frames a view looking out over the valley below.

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Article Written by : Amy Frearson

Photo by : Benjamin Benschneider

Source : dezeen

Carpet Magic at Ventura Lambrate in Milan


Carpet magic in Milan

The collective We Make Carpets, based in the Netherlands, creates a massive and intricate floor display that looks like a patchwork of rugs from a distance. But up close they are made of something else entirely. Not designed for walking on, these carpets show off the beauty found in everyday things.

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Article Written by : Catherine Osborne

Photo by : Azure Magazine

Source : azuremagazine

Milan Expo 2015: b720 Designs Greenhouse-Inspired Pavilion for Spain


Greenhouse-Inspired Pavilion for Spain

Barcelona’s b720 arquitectos has designed a greenhouse-inspired pavilion to represent Spain at the 2015 Milan Expo. Representing a “fusion” of Spain’s gastronomic tradition and innovation, the portico-like structure will be divided into two halves and united by a repetitious form. The Spanish gastronomy reputation, based on the balanced combination of tradition and innovation, makes it a global reference on international markets. This fact has a relevant role on the generation of the pavilion, creating two separated areas – and applying different tectonics to them according to this duality described the architects.

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Article Written by : Rosenfield Karissa

Photo by : © b720 Arquitectos

Source : archdaily

2015’s Most Exciting Building Projects

Mexicon Airport

Artist’s Rendering for the most sustainable airport in the world Mexico City International Airport

This year will see construction begin on the new Mexico City International Airport, boasting to be the most sustainable airport in the world. The airport will have just one terminal, measuring 470,000-square-meters, which will eventually serve six runways. The entire terminal is enclosed within a continuous lightweight gridshell, embracing walls and roof in a single, flowing form, evocative of flight. The design ensures short walking distances and few level changes, it is easy to navigate, and passengers will not have to use internal trains or underground tunnels – it is a celebration of space and light.

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Article Written by : Matthew Ponsford

Photo by : Artist Rendering

Source : edition.cnn

AWA Lighting Designers Update – April 2015

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and Sam Kutesa, the President of the General Assembly cut the ribbon unveiling 'The Ark of Return'.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and Sam Kutesa, the President of the General Assembly cut the ribbon unveiling ‘The Ark of Return’.

AWA Project ‘Ark of Return’ Unveiled at the UN Headquarters

On Wednesday March 25 2015, on the United Nations International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and Transatlantic Slave Trade, the ‘Ark of Return’ Memorial was unveiled.

The ‘Ark of Return’ Memorial will be on permanent display at the visitors plaza of the United Nations Headquarters in New York. This memorial honors lives of those who died as a result of slavery or experienced the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade.

AWA is honored be a member of this team, ably led by Rodney Leon of Rodney Leon Architects.


Client: United Nations Permanent Memorial Committee  

Architect: Rodney Leon Architects

Lighting Consultant: AWA Lighting Designers

Niche within the Memorial that holds the human sculpture called 'The Trinity Figure'

Niche within the Memorial that holds the human sculpture called ‘The Trinity Figure’

AWA Project Singapore Chancery Inaugurated

The Singapore Chancery is located in the east side of midtown Manhattan, two blocks away from the UN Headquarters in NYC. This seven-storey building houses the diplomatic offices of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Singapore to the United Nations.

The scope of our work included all areas of the building, while conforming to pertinent energy regulations and local NYC building codes. The lighting design for the facade was based on our analysis of the architectural intent- highlight dynamism while displaying clear solidity. We grazed the glass of the facade with a linear uplight, while the space behind was uplit with a cove, consistently on each floor.


Client: Republic of Singapore  

Architect: HOK NY

Lighting Consultant: AWA Lighting Designers

Main Entrance at the Singapore Chancery, New York, NY

Main Entrance at the Singapore Chancery, New York, NY

View of Exterior Facade of the Singapore Chancery from across 48th Street, New York, NY

View of Exterior Facade of the Singapore Chancery from across 48th Street, New York, NY

Other News:

Bushwick Inlet Park, Brooklyn
Bushwick Inlet Park has been certified LEED® Platinum by the U.S. Green Building Council.
To see the USGBC score card, please Click Here

Recent Publications
– AWA is featured in Bright 2 ‘Architectural Illumination and Light Installations’.
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– AWA Project Cyber Hub is featured in Mondo Arc India Magazine.
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Abhay Wadhwa to speak at PLDC 2015
Abhay Wadhwa will speak at the 2015 Professional Lighting Designer Convention (PLDC) in Rome. He also spoke at PLDC 2013 in Copenhagen. Stay tuned for more information about his talk.
To see the PLDC website, please Click Here

Did You Know?
– AWA is able to provide lighting design drawings and details on REVIT, as well as AutoCAD.

– AWA can design and detail custom light fixtures. Please Click Here to see some examples.

– AWA is an AIA Approved CES Provider. Currently, AWA offers 5 courses:

1. What Will 2020 Bring?
2. Light and Health
3. Impact of Culture & Climate
4. LED’s for Infrastructure
5. Light Masterplanning
For more information on these courses, please Click Here.

Projection Mapped Makeup Transforms Men into Beasts

Transforming a modle face

Transforming a model’s face using projection-mapped makeup.

Two men get the face hacking treatment through the artist’s careful application of real-time facial tracking and 3D projection. Above, watch one transform a cheetah through the careful combination of light, motion capture, and CGI. Omote’s uncanny ability to fully transform human faces comes to life. With the technical abilities of creative experts, it seems, and a little bit of computer-generated magic, the future already looks a lot like Face/Off.

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Article Written by: Emerson Rosenthal.

GIFS courtesy of: Beckett Mufson.

Source: thecreatorsproject.vice

22 Free Websites that are useful for Architects


Websites that can help you in the never ending quests for efficiency, knowledge and good taste

Being an architect is hard. At times, you’re expected to act as everything from a graphic designer to a handyman (or woman), from a data scientist to a writer, or from a computer programmer to a public speaker. And, you’re expected to do all these things on little to no sleep and for a much lower wage than you’re probably worth. Whether you’re selecting the perfect color scheme for a presentation or graph, tracking the price of your next big purchase, solving technical problems or simply trying to balance your sleep and caffeine intake, there’s something in this list to help everyone.

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Article Written by : Becky Quintal

Photo by : Taken from the respective websites

Source : archdaily.

When Buildings, Street Art and Projection Mapping merge


The world’s first graffiti projection mapping project stands five stories high and 70 meters long in Australia

TDC provided the technology and expertise behind graffiti-mapping artwork projected onto the largest mural in Melbourne – spanning five stories high and 70 meters long. The groundbreaking piece of street art was one of the highlights of White Night Melbourne 2015, a 12-hour nocturnal extravaganza running from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., inspired by Paris’ Nuit Blanche and the international network of White Night programmes around the world.

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Article Written by : Church Designer Staff

Photo by : © Juddy Roller & © TDC

Source : designerpub.

An interactive canvas by Aakash Nihalani


An interactive canvas of projection mapped “Shuffle”

Aakash Nihalani creates an interactive canvas for his new series of ‘projections’, comprising cubic designs projected onto a white wall that respond to the movements of an active participant. a nearby sensor tracks the motion of viewer’s hand, revealing a composition that reacts in real time using coding and motion software.

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Article Written by: Nina Azzarello

Photo courtesy of: Aakash Nihalani

Source: Designboom.