Megan Mosholder Weaves Subway-like Tunnel with Luminous Ribbons

Terminus, 2014 by Megan Mosholder

Terminus, 2014 by Megan Mosholder


The installation by American artist Megan Mosholder materializes the themes of transportation through light, ribbon, string, and video projection. ‘Terminus’ realizes the city of Atlanta’s past, present, and future transit networks, along with New York City subway tunnels. Visitors are able to enter and traverse the vibrantly colored space, intricately composed of interwoven strings, which radiate outwards from the structure and envelop the observer within. Neon blues and pinks cast a colorful gradient on the surrounding environment, and light projected onto the site illuminate the public work at night. The project — installed in at the Goat Farm Arts Center for the Hambidge Center of Creative Arts and Sciences Auction — considers the potential of the city of Atlanta if their transportation issues were resolved.  

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Image courtesy of: Megan Mosholder

Written By: Nina Azzarello

Source: DesignBoom