Luminous Multimedia Experience for Oakley

Montreal-based studio moment factory has realized an immersive multimedia environment for the reveal of oakley‘s disruptive by design campaign. the interactive experience celebrates the brand’s history, design and innovations, visually transforming these values into a maze of vibrant color, beaming light and glowing projections cast along the walls of studio RED in los angeles. at the centerpiece of the installation, a vast room featuring 270-degree projection screens spotlight the cocktail reception area and later in the evening, a speech by oakley CEO colin baden. other participatory and hypnotic rooms allowed guests to reveal the content of wall and floor projections using infrared pointers, which also triggered real-time audio and video effects. equipped with the ability to directly interact with the engaging and dynamic space, visitors embarked on an exploratory experience in which they discovered the brand in a completely novel way.

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Written By: Nina Azzarello

Source: Designboom