Design Miami/Basel 2013: From Artificial Storms to Electronic Innovations, Five Works that Cleverly Play with Light

It could be argued that it doesn’t matter what, or who, is in any room if the lighting isn’t right. The following pieces—seen among the other wares at Design Miami/Basel—emit, warp or interact with light in exotic ways. Each piece embeds functionality within artistic achievement and the future of lighting design manifests as far more than just bulb, fixture and shade.

The “Fragile Future 3 Cloud Chandelier” (2013) at Carpenters Workshop Gallery/STEINITZ booth wraps delicate dandelion seeds around LED lights, all of which float within a phosphorous bronze structure. This latest edition of Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta’s light work imagines a cloud of fire flies coated in pollen, continuing the work that they told us, in 2010, is about “the story about the amalgamation of nature and technology.” The piece harmoniously maintains intricacy despite its expansive structure.

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Written by: David Graver

Source: Coolhunting