Northern Spark might have left Minneapolis for St. Paul, but that doesn’t mean the late-night celebrating is over. The Mill City has come up with its own downtown nighttime festival, Secret City, which is joining forces with Greenway Glow, the bicycle and art fest that was part of last year’s Northern Spark.

The festival, which will begin at 6 p.m. Saturday and end at midnight, will involve multiple locations, including the Convention Center, the downtown stretch of Hennepin Avenue and the Midtown Greenway bike path in south Minneapolis. It also includes some places typically not associated with the arts.

Ready for an art party under a freeway overpass? The parking lot between the Walker Art Center and the Basilica of St. Mary will be home to an art installation and live performers.

“One of the taglines is ‘hidden in sight,’” said Mayor R.T. Rybak. “The idea is to go into familiar areas and illuminate them in a new light.”

Special pedestrian and bike lanes will be in place to encourage participants to walk or bike between locations. The festival will include an array of offerings, ranging from music, dance and art to public ping-pong tables.

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Written by: Jeff Strickler

Source: Vita.mn