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The Sagrada Familia shown in a (dazzling) new light

The Sagrada Família in Barcelona is a spectacular building in its own right, but when you throw a healthy dose of the latest lighting and architectural mapping technology in its direction, the facade of famous church becomes truly mesmerizing. That dose comes from Moment Factory, a new media and entertainment studio based in Montreal, Canada, which has produced a 15-minute multimedia tribute inspired by the original color sketches and words of the buildings’ equally famous architect Antoni Gaudi.

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Written by: Gizmag Team

Source: Gizmag

This LED lamp charges your phone with salt water

Finding a way to provide light and power to those in developing nations is challenging. 

Lack of infrastructure (or the money to build it) makes it impossible to enjoy the running water or reliable electricity we take for granted. Solar panels and wind turbines are viable solutions, but most developing nations also lack a skilled workforce to produce, install, and maintain these technologies.

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Written by: Beth Buczynski

Source: Earthtechling

LEDs Light the Way to a Smaller Footprint, to Surge Ahead in Coming Years

Shedding more light on the path to soften our environmental footprint, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) recently shared a key way for us to use less resources. A new report from the Department of Energy and UK–based N14 Energy Limited found that LEDs are leading the way into the future.
“The light-emitting diode lamp is a rapidly evolving technology that, while already energy-efficient, will become even more so in just a few short years,” said Marc Ledbetter, who manages PNNL’s solid-state lighting testing, analysis, and deployment efforts.

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Written by: Cynthia Shahan

Brisbane Festival’s City of Lights Spectacular

It is the second year the City of Lights has been the centerpiece of festival celebrations, but this year organizers have stepped things up with an enormous barge forming the focal point of the light and laser spectacular.
The Courier-Mail was given the first look at the show, which uses more than 200 lights and nine colored lasers to turn the river itself into a stage show lasting 12 minutes.

Source: Courier Mail

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Hadrian’s Wall to become a huge interactive light installation

The Connecting Light piece, part of the London 2012 Festival, has been created by New York based digital collective YesYesNo, which worked with artist and programmer Zachary Lieberman.
The work will see pulses of light sent along the length of 73 miles of Hadrian’s Wall from Segedunum Roman Fort at Wallsend, to Bowness-On-Solway on the west Cumbrian coast.

Written by: Tom Banks

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Philips to develop 100 ‘light centers’ for rural Africa

Philips has committed an investment of €1.2m to the development of 100 solar-powered LED ‘light centres’, each the size of a small football pitch, across rural African communities who live without electricity.
The initiative comes as part of Philips’ third annual Cairo to Cape Town Roadshow, which uses technological innovation to attempt to tackle some of Africa’s key problems and enhance everyday life. The light fields will be placed near schools in the hope they will facilitate economic and social activities, as well as improve healthcare and education, in regions restricted by a 7pm sunset.

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Written by: Peter Stuart