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Boeing lighting project may help astronauts sleep

A new sunrise takes place every 90 minutes. Docking maneuvers sometimes occur at odd hours. Then there’s that feeling of apparent weightlessness.

No wonder astronauts aboard the International Space Station can have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep.

Now, a neuroscientist at Thomas Jefferson University is among those working on a solution: light.

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Written by: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Source: HeraldNet

Bio-inspired nanoantennas for light emission

Just as radio antennas amplify the signals of our mobile phones and televisions, the same principle can apply to light.

For the first time, researchers from CNRS and Aix Marseille Université have succeeded in producing a nanoantenna from short strands of DNA, two gold nanoparticles and a small fluorescent molecule that captures and emits light.

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LED Lighting System Imitates the Sun’s Healing Effect

With the invention of the electric light bulb, humans were able to extend the day, accessing hours that were usually surrendered to sleep. Replacing candles and kerosene lamps, light bulbs gave us a safe way to illuminate indoor living spaces after the sun had set for the day. Although we now take electric lighting for granted, they’ve never quite been able to replace the bright light of the sun itself.

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Written by: Beth Buczyncki


AWA Ping Pong Championship

At AWA we work very hard to maintain our company’s excellence. We also know how to have fun in the office and one of the ways is by holding Thursday ping pong doubles tournaments. Today (Friday July 27) was the final tournament held during the season (each season corresponds with the time that our interns from Korea are with us). This season was intense and contained many hard fought battles between different teams made up of AWA members. The season ended with a tough challenge between the team of Kyleen and Daehee and the team made up of Justin and Aaron. Each team had its glory in the end though, as Kyleen and Daehee won the first match by winning 2 out of the first 3 games. When it was suggested that the teams have a rematch, the competitive spirit of AWA’s team members kicked into overdrive and the teams decided to extend the match to a full best of 5 championship. After starting off slow in the first 3 games, Aaron and Justin were able to pull out 2 quick victories in order to keep their title as reigning champions for the season. Games like ping pong can act as a break from the hard work that all of our team members put in during the week, but they also help to bring the AWA team closer together as a unit.

Bon Voyage Daehee!

Last night, AWA New York said goodbye and wished a farewell to our intern, Daehee Yun. Everyone was sad to see him go but we wished him all the best in his travels as well as his future experiences. Daehee has become very close with the entire team here in New York and he has worked very well within the fun and hard-working atmosphere within the office. He was able to become a part of the team very quickly and even shared some inspiration during our Thursday Inspirational lunches. One week Daehee cooked us all sandwiches with Korean sausage and vegetables which were enjoyed heartily by all and when his turn came up to present three weeks later, he showed us some amazing product designs and shared some of his knowledge from his industrial design background.

Our night started at a Polish restaurant about a 5 minute walk away from our Greenpoint office where we had dinner and drinks. After that we moved to a bar a few blocks away and enjoyed a few more drinks and some rousing games of Jenga. The night concluded with the team saying our goodbyes and then going our separate ways to get some rest before another work day in the morning.

Daehee met AWA through our firm’s Korean student internship program. Twice yearly for the duration of six months, we work closely with a new up and coming young designer, engaging him or her in various aspects of AWA’s inner workings and creative energy. By the end, the student not only has experience working with an established firm, but can also count his/her time spent with us towards school credits for graduation.

Liter of Light Project Turns Trash & Bleach into Solar Lamps

How many times have you flipped on a light switch today? 10? 50? Maybe you’re lucky enough to work in an office building where the lights just stay on all day. For millions of people around the world, even the rising sun fails to bring such a reliable source of light. In the Philippines most people don’t have access to, or can’t afford electricity. Instead they rely on kerosene lamps which are dirty and dangerous, or they go without any artificial light at all. There homes are built so close together that even the sun can’t penetrate the darkness.

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Here is a link to the 1 Liter of Light project’s website

Written by: Beth Buczynski

Source: Earth Techling

Iconic Empire State Building Illuminates Tower Lights In Celebration Of Nations Competing In London

The Empire State Building (ESB) will honor nations competing in London by shining its world-famous tower lights. The famed tower’s four sides – north, south, east and west – will illuminate the sky with the colors of competing countries’ flags each night throughout the competition. This marks the second time ESB has split the tower’s sides with four separate countries’ lights in its history.

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Written by: ESB

Source: Sacramento Bee

SIL Europe Preview: Workshops on biological aspects of light and on European standards for LED lighting

It has been the tradition at Strategies in Light conferences to offer pre-conference workshops on special topics to attendees who may wish to focus on such topics in more detail than is possible in regular conference presentations. In this regard, Strategies in Light Europe 2012 is no exception. Two workshops of current interest to the European lighting community will be offered on Tuesday, September 18, including one focused on biological aspects and one on European standards.

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Written by: Katya Evstratyeva

Source: LEDs Magazine

Jason Bruges Studio releases the bubbles at the Olympic Park

Aerial Dynamics, an interactive light installation designed by Jason Bruges Studio, has been unveiled at the opening of the Coca-Cola Beatbox pavilion in the Olympic Park.
The Beatbox designed by emerging British architects Asif Khan and Pernilla Ohrstedt for the Olympic sponsors was devised to combine music and sport.

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Written by: Amanda Allen


Underground Light Show at Bleecker Street Subway Station Wows Riders

A new digital-art installation is lighting up the underground at the Bleecker Street 6 train station.
The honeycomb-shaped LED-light scultpure on the uptown platform, aptly called “Hive,” is the latest addition to the station by MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design, a program that has focussed on bringing art into the New York City subway system since 1985.

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Written by: Nikhita Venugopal